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Pedestrian Counter

Count the number of people using a track.

TRAKER-COUNT is mounted pointing across a track at about shoulder height and people are counted by sensing their natural heat energy as they walk past. The total count is displayed on the LCD display.


TRAKER-COUNT operates by sensing the natural heat energy of walkers and cyclists. The micro power electronics processes this signal to maximize the sensitivity to a real event of a person walking past, and to minimise stray false counts. The total count is displayed on an LCD display. The count can be reset to zero using the proximity key.


TRAKER-COUNT is specifically designed to provide reliable data for use by land management agencies in areas such as national parks, municipal parks & walkways, and wilderness areas. The data can provide the basis and justification for the allocation of resources to particular areas.

Many of the traditional methods of counting people require a multi-component installation, which increases the chance of problems. In Australia, animals can cause problems for devices with cables.

TRAKER-COUNT is a re-engineered new model of the previous TRAKER for a device that gives an even longer life, greater accuracy and improved sealing against water.


With its technically advanced design, TRAKER-COUNT gives you a compact, rugged and accurate device that is cost-effective and easy to deploy.


TRAKER-COUNT is simple and straightforward to use. There are no complex setup procedures and  no cables. Just place it in position and reset the count to zero. The count increments for each person walking past.


TRAKER-COUNT is hermetically sealed in a solid milled aluminium case. It is made to withstand any expected conditions.



Field trials show both high accuracy and a high level of discrimination between individual walkers.


The proprietary design gives an estimated lifetime of twenty years from its own internal power source. There are no batteries to change and no maintenance required.




Particular attention has been placed on ease of deployment to minimise staff resources, while retaining the ability to provide reliable and valid count data.




The complete unit is one solid device and measures only 40 mm in diameter by 165 mm 
long with a 13 mm diameter visible nose. It can be hidden easily and discreetly from 
casual view or permanently placed.


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